Best TV Shows of 2016 – Comedies

by Brian Surber

I watch a lot of TV. Too much. Way too much. And yet it’s still not enough. Year after year I keep hearing about the shows I need to watch. BoJack HorsemanCatastropheYou’re the WorstFresh off the BoatThe Carmichael Show, I get it!

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[Episode 129] PodcadEmmy Award Nominations: If We Did It a 2nd Time

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“Am. I. Doing. It?” (beat) “Am. I. Flying?”

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…PodcadEmmy Award Nominations: If We Did It a 2nd Time. Brian and Noah are here to catalog all the shows and actors that should (but probably won’t) receive love during next week’s Emmy nominations.

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