Coming Attractions

Have you already listened to all of our podcasts? Read and re-read all the reviews? Have you skimmed our lists? Have you found nothing on this site useful but like the cut of our jib and are hoping that we put out some new material? Well you’re in luck! Not only do we have new material coming your way but we’re going to keep you all posted on just what is coming down the pike.

This page will contain all the up and coming Oh, It’s a Podcast attractions that are heading your way with brief descriptions and rough release dates.

Stay tuned!


Note: It should be noted that we may just come up with a Podcast idea pretty much out of the blue and forget to put them on the list. So, if this is case. we’re not liars. Merely forgetful or stupid. Figured that should be noted. :End Note





How to Get Away with a Podcast
Thursday, September 22nd, 2017, Once a Week When a New Episode Airs (Podcast)

The boys are back at it for season 3, recapping the nuttiest show on TV. Twists, turns, murders, vodka, they’ll discuss it all.



And the Podcast Goes to….
Once a Month, Starting in March 2016 (Podcast)

A new podcast series where Brian and Noah will watch all the Best Picture nominees in a given year and sit down to discuss. Topics will include what they think should have won, why the film that won did, the lasting impact of the nominees, and what might have won if the same films were nominated this year. A different year each month.



Trailer Trash
Random, Really. When a New Trailer That Intrigues Us is Released (Podcast)

We take a few minutes to discuss a trailer for a movie we’re really looking forward to, or one that intrigues us, or one we really want to talk about.





On Golden Pod 3: A Golden Globes Podcast
Sunday, January 8th, 2017 (Podcast)

The third anniversary of their first podcast, Noah and Brian discuss all the goings-ons of the Jimmy Fallon-hosted 74th Golden Globe Awards.



The 3rd Annual Podcademy Award Nominations
Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 (Podcast)

For the third year in a row Brian and Noah wake up super early to offer their thoughts on this years Oscar nominations. So don’t worry about waking up at the crack of dawn to check out the nominees. Sleep in! You deserve it! And when you do wake up we’ll have all the big surprises and snubs waiting for you.



P(odc)ast & Future: 2016 & Beyond! (…to 2017)
4 Weeks Before the Oscars (Podcast)

A favorite here at Oh, It’s a Podcast, Brian and Noah go over 3 things you may have missed in 2016 (that you need to catch up on) and the top 3 things they’re most looking forward to in 2017.



The Third Annual Podcademy Awards B-Sides: The Categories They Rejected
3 Weeks Before the Oscars (Podcast)

Noah and Brian go through categories Oscar doesn’t have the guts to cover: Most Deserving of a Sequel it Won’t Get, Biggest Waste of Time, the coveted Anna Karenina Award. We’ve got ’em, they don’t.



Oh Pod, That Sucked III: The Worst Films of 2016
2 Weeks Before the Oscars (Podcast, List)

Chances are Dirty Grandpa, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and London Has Fallen will all be represented.



Round of Apods III: The Best Films of 2016
1 Week Before the Oscars (Podcast, List)

Chances are Hunt for the WilderpeopleThe Witch, and Sing Street will all be represented.



The 3rd Annual Podcademy Awards
Sunday, February 26th, 2017 (Podcast)

The big night arrives as Brian and Noah recap the show and talk about how poorly the Academy probably voted!





Oh, It’s Halloween Again: A Viewer’s Guide 2016
You know, around Halloween (List)

For the second year in a row in late October Brian and Noah pick 6 horror movies that are floating their boats this Halloween and should float yours too.



My Own 89th Annual Academy Awards – Part I (My Nominees)
A Week or Two Before the Oscars (List)

Brian puts together his ideal list of nominees for the Oscars and chooses his own winners.



My Own 89th Annual Academy Awards – Part II (Their Nominees)
A Week or Two Before the Oscars (List)

Brian plays the Academy’s game and get rid of his own nominees in favor of theirs to pick who he would vote for.



Oh, It’s a Podcast’s Guide to Seinfeld (working title)
When We Finish Watching Every Episode of Seinfeld. (as of this writing we are on Season 5, Episode 6, List) So….

Noah and Brian are carefully putting together a guide to the best that Seinfeld has to offer. Included will be the 10 best moments, George’s top 5 jobs, and Kramer’s 5 best inventions. At it’s core, though, it’s a list about nothing.



Any Hiatus from TV or our TV Podcasts (Podcast)

A brand new podcast! Podpourri will air during any down time in our regular programming. Winter hiatus, a show ends, we’re bored, whatever the occasion we will fill it by watching a new episode of a show we’ve never seen. A show we’ve never seen, a new episode, different every week. We’ll watch and discuss. Keep an eye out. Or an ear.


More updates and they develop.