[Episode 128] And the Podcast Goes to… (1976)

1976 Oscars Collage

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…And the Podcast Goes to…This month brings us what is probably the Oscars’ greatest lineup of all time: Bound for Glory, Taxi Driver, Network, All the President’s Men, and Rocky.

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Film Review – Creed

By Brian Surber

Creed hits hard. One of the most emotionally charged films of the year, it packs a punch. Director and co-writer Ryan Coogler has crafted a powerful experience while reinvigorating a franchise the right way, through natural character progression. With devastatingly powerful performances and the best boxing sequences since Raging BullCreed is a sure-fire knockout. My apologies for all the boxing puns, it was too tempting. But damn is this movie good!

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