The Worst Films of 2015

Just like our Podcast of a similar name, we will each break down all the worst films of this past year.

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[Episode 103] Oh Pod, That Sucked II: The Worst Films of 2015

Spectre Quote

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Oh Pod, That Sucked II: The Worst Films of 2015. Brian and Noah continue their personal roads to the Oscars with a bracing shot of negativity.

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[Episode 57] Podcast News 7/29/15

Podcast News Logo

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Podcast News. Brian and Noah host a special guest this week, and the three of them talk Space Jam, Tom Cruise, and the state of the modern action movie.

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The 36 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2015

We are so close to the official start of the Summer Movie Season so Brian and Noah decided to breakdown the 36 most anticipated films of said season. 2015 promises to deliver a very exciting summer; we have the sequel to the second highest grossing film of all time (The Assemblers or something), the return of past franchises long thought dead (Hello Mad Max, Dinosaurs, Four Fantastics, and Arnold), sequels galore (Yay, Minions! Boo, Ted! Yay, Strippers! Wait.), the triumphant return of Pixar (Inside Out or our planned route to the theater), indie festival darlings (90s’ hip-hop and cancer, standard stuff), and everything in between (The Rock takes on the Earth! Ice Cube tells us where he’s from! Paul Rudd is an ant, man! Anna Kendrick is so over cups!)

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