[Episode 33] Podcast News 4/29/15

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Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Podcast News. It’s Spider-Man news galore this week on Podcast News: possible actors, titles, and entirely separate films made with dubious intent. Then, updates on the box office standings and the NBA Playoffs.

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Film Review – It Follows

by Brian Surber

The past few years have had at least one outstanding horror film: from 2009 on we’ve had The House of the DevilLet Me InYou’re NextThe Cabin in the WoodsEvil Dead, and The Babadook.  I am pleased to say that this year we may have found our new addition. It Follows, while possibly steeped in social context, is elevated by its technical skill. This is a film that doesn’t cause nightmares; this is film that is birthed from them. It is the old school kind of horror film that is bent on making you frightfully uneasy the whole way through. The tension in It Follows does not build, it lurks.

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