[Episode 67] Podcast News 9/16/15

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Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Podcast News. This week on Podcast News, the guys discuss a Mary Poppins sequel, a possible Animorphs franchise, and the ideal cast for a Charlie’s Angels reboot.

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Film Review – Unfriended

by Brian Surber

Unfriended is an unusual type of horror film. It’s unusual because it’s a mainstream horror film, being given a wide release, which feels so very independent (and it is, being made for $1 million).  It’s a specific premise that, on premise alone, doesn’t cater to conventions of its genre. It’s different. And in the midst of the supernatural ghosts/exorcism tenure of horror films that we are currently in, Unfriended feels like something that isn’t released in every theater. What that says about our current cinematic state is something I won’t get into but it is surprising. And it’s refreshing that this type of horror film exists and is playing nationwide. It also helps that Unfriended is pretty damn good.

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