Film Review – Trainwreck

by Brian Surber

Something magical happens when an entire audience connects on a film, when the experience is being shared by everyone in the theater to the fullest extent. It happens when everyone gasps and screams during a horror film or when everyone claps during an action film when the good guy escapes from the exploding building by parasailing from the roof. But, for me at least, the most magical experience of all comes during a perfect comedy. The laughs are so loud, so in sync, and last so long that you miss the next lines of dialogue. When you can look around the theater and see a sea of smiles and watery eyes – that is the best movie-going experience. And not since Bridesmaids have I been a part of such an experience. Trainwreck is not only the best comedy of the year and one of the best films of the year, but it’s without a doubt, in a crowded theater, the best experience you are sure to have this summer.

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Trailer Trash 7 – Inside Out

“Incognito mode! Always use incognito mode!”

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Trailer Trash. The new Inside Out trailer is here, and it looks like a welcome return to form for Pixar.

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