Best TV Shows of 2016 – Dramas

by Brian Surber

Last week I gave you my list for the best comedies of 2016. This week we look at the longer, more serious, and less fun side of TV: the drama. Admittedly, I watch less dramas than comedies, so this was shorter list to choose from, but this was generally a great year for the TV drama. 6 new shows made my list while a returning show that would’ve been in the top 5 last year dropped off entirely. Before season 3 of Fargo blows our minds next year let’s look back at the year that was in drama. Continue reading


[Episode 141] The 2nd Annual PodcadEMMY Awards B-Sides: The Categories They Rejected

image (8).png

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…The Second Annual PodcadEMMY Awards B-Sides: The Categories They Rejected. For the second year, Brian and Noah take to the mic to tell you all the awards the Emmy’s should be giving out.

Continue reading