[Episode 85] Podcast News 11/22/15

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Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Podcast News. Vin Diesel, Robert Rodriguez, and what movies might look like in 100 years are just a few of the topics on this week’s Podcast News.

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Oh, It’s Halloween: A Viewer’s Guide 2015


Scared yet? You should be! It’s almost Halloween, which means you should be psyching yourself up for your Halloween horror movie marathon. But which movies to watch? Rather than trying to come up with a fun list on your own, only to settle for the same shit you watch every year, why not let us decide for you? We’ve got a special list for you of all the scary movies we’re in the mood for right now. Not what we watched last year. Not what we’re gonna watch next year. Sounds good? You sure? Alright then.

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