[Episode 7] The Podcademy Awards B-Sides: The Categories They Rejected


Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…The Podcademy Awards B-Sides: The Categories They Rejected. Brian and Noah pick the Best Debut, the Most Misleading Title, and other superlative categories of their choosing to kick off the countdown to the Academy Awards.

Our List Of Awards:

Best Debut
Most Likely To Be Made Into a TV Show In 20 Years
Best Action Film
Best Character
Best Romance
Most Deserving of a Sequel It Won’t Get
Inevitable Sequel I’m Most Looking Forward To
Most Misleading Title
Best Movie Not Nominated For Anything
Best Comedy
Biggest Waste of Time
Anna Karenina Award
Most Overrated
Most Underrated
Worse Scene
Best Scene
Film You Should See Next


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